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An ancient force has awakened. And only a brave young girl can tame its destructive power.


Three friends gone. Two months forgotten. A truth to be remembered.


“In a test that pits friend against friend, free mind against altered, Arlo must decide which is worse: the plans of his superiors or the darkness in his own heart.


A witch who belongs not only belongs to the light, but the dark as well. A shadow needs both to exist.”

A race against fate.

Control what you can. Burn the rest.


Raging scars and chronic pain made her different. Her courage made her savior of 2 worlds.


Follow a deaf song sparrow as he tries to find his place in a dangerous world despite the burdens of responsibility and loss. #YAFantasy

Broken home. Broken past.  

​Broken self


Sometimes the storms in your mind rage stronger than anything in nature.


A blabbermouth who no one suspects is keeping a colossal secret.


How far would you go to unearth the truth in a world of scarcity?


Starting afresh was easy. Finding your friends aren't human and you're on a demon's hit list, not so much.

She is the last to know why she's the last.


The hunt is over, but their troubles have only just begun.

In a world ravaged by drought and defined by control, one young woman uncovers a truth that could change everything.#Dystopian

Too late to save his life. Not too late to bring him back.


Even nightmares can come true...


Dr. Who meets Harry Potter.


Two teenage boys chase serial killers. Definitely not the Hardy Boys.


On the outside he might seem like your average teenage boy, but on this inside, his mind is threatening to tear him apart. #MatureYA

What if Mother Earth awakened and saw what man has done?


What happens if bees go extinct? Two teens’ perilous mission could save or destroy mankind.


When a charming Fae trickster offers Aislinn freedom and power, it could be too much to resist.


A race to find his father, becomes a race to save his life...

Six strangers; one dream. Join the Sleepwar.


A tragic version of 'The Sandlot.'

Three chance encounters. Two boys. First love.


The Old Sequoia Valley is a dangerous place. #Dystopian

A girl of light magic, a prince of fire. Together they can save his world, but Earth girls aren’t so easy. 


I'm an orphan dumped in the Work Force. I didn't mean to kill my mistress. Now I'm on the run.


On a journey of finding family, peace, and love, he must first learn to win the battle in his head. #MatureYA

When Mother Nature reaches her breaking point, humans have no choice but to face her fury.