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A monk’s prediction from the year 1010 foresees arctic disaster in 2020.


How much would you risk to save one little girl?

One event can echo through generations.

Small town cops. Big city murders.

Securitate agent covers up the AIDS crisis in 1980s Romania, but then his own secret is revealed...


He’s given you all the facts, but has he buried the truth?


Why would an FBI agent shoot his own boss, only to surrender immediately?


A Simple Touch.

A Flash of Color.

A Vision of Murder.



Some spirits don't rest in peace. Kimberly Wantland sees dead people. And protects the living from vengeful spirits.

A serial killer. A saint. A match made in... hell?


How far are you willing to go?

February 2014: Russian troops seize Crimea and everyday lives hurtle towards an explosive confrontation.


Small town cops. Big city murders.

Not All Boxes Should Be Opened.

You never think it will happen to you, until it does.

Her murder was just the beginning.

"Let's play." 

A doctor has gone missing in Flagstaff, Arizona and it’s up to Detective Milo Reid to find him.


Two girls have drowned in the lake. Both said they’d seen an angel. They’re not alone.

Karma is real, and she's giving people exactly what they deserve.