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When the world ends how much do you have to lose?

After establishing contact with a new civilization, a journey to meet new galactic neighbors commences.

They're not detectives, but they have to become detectives in order to find out who's telling people that they're detectives.

Some seem doom to repeat history…others are determined to.

Changing allegiances was never more important as the battle for Rubicon commences. It's Mars against Earth. Who will win?

A reluctant third-rate systems tech is humanity's savior from an alien threat.

Her murder was just the beginning.

Have you ever been faced with a challenge that you know you can't win? The people of Rubicon face a do-or-die situation. And their time is almost up.

A rollicking space opera, one piece at a time.

Finally! SETI receives an alien signal from another world many have waited decades for!

One Crisis at a Time.

An assassin can't afford a conscience. It's bad for business.