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Recruited into a eugenics program in 1950 North Korea, Sun-hee, her children, and friends change the country.


Beware the one who stabs you and tells the world they are the one who is bleeding.


What do all historical greats have in common? Four stories, one secret.

This is one family's story of love, loss, suffering, and eventually justice.

This is the story of Daniel, a Celtic soldier in NW England 590 AD. He's content in his life until he discovers a truth that makes him question all he knows...

Faced with tragedy after tragedy, young Marc Antony seeks to restore family honor, facing blood, blades, and corruption.

Final New London Cover 2019.jpg

A new mother. A new country. The struggle to survive in a land recovering from rebellion.

One young girls murder leads to a Sheriff's desire for justice.

The flow of ink...

A journey to the past.

Overbearing fathers & banishment to a remote island. What's a girl to do?

A daughter's search for the truth. 

A mother lost in the past. 

Three journals...

and the secrets hidden for decades.

What could be worse than loving two men at the same time? Hiding a secret pregnancy during the Irish potato famine! 

He's a gunfighter with a bad reputation. She's the sheriff's wife he's sent to rescue. Gritty adventure meets raw romance in this Old West tale of redemption and forbidden love.

Seeking a future on a thin thread of legend.