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Featured Book/Author of the Month - February 2020

Featured Author


Million Dollar Betrayal

Amanda Ballard

My name is Amanda Ballard. I grew up in the military. I have been married for 16 years and have two beautiful daughters. My personality is a bit dark and twisted, but it makes things interesting. One day, I had a bizarre dream and told a friend about it. She told me I should write a book. And that is how I became an author. It all started with Shadow Case Embers. From there I have published nine books since early February of 2017. I also have many more to come on the future.

You can never truly know who someone is, what they're capable of. This held very much true in Avery's case. She thought she had found the one for her. But Malcom quickly proved he was anything other than a good person. He had addictions that would cost Avery everything. But who is to say what will really happen to her. She was going to become part of a world she never would have thought to be real. And one man, Draven, would be the one to open her eyes to it.