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First they tried to kill me, multiple times.


Mysteries simmering with intrigue, suspense & romance. 


Will Sgt. Adam Davis find a bishop’s killer before his beautiful witness becomes the next victim? 

An idealistic young tulip farmer is found dead among his tulips. Crows loudly proclaim, murder, but who did it? And why?

A case that is ongoing, a new team to join, and a man who just won’t give up on me.


In this suspenseful mystery, a widow seeking to outrun her past encounters murder and mistrust in a small Michigan arts colony.

Mysterious deaths are piling up in the woods, and Lindy must go undercover on a dude ranch to find a serial killer.

Don't lose yourself, who you are, to the monsters you hunt.

She should come with a label cautioning men of the danger of prolonged exposure to her.  As addictive as a narcotic, and twice as lethal.

How far would you go for a stranger?

A dead priest. A small town south of Dublin. A reluctant DI Gallway sent to investigate.

Aunt Stella has another one of her crazy conspiracies for PI, Lindy Johnson. But this one runs a little too close to home.

Arson. A dangerous drug. Or a bullet. How did a veteran struggling with PTSD die at Fire Lake?