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Disgraced preacher Sam Geisler hears the secrets murderers are afraid to tell even to themselves.

How far would you go for a stranger?

A dead priest. A small town south of Dublin. A reluctant DI Gallway sent to investigate.

Aunt Stella has another one of her crazy conspiracies for PI, Lindy Johnson. But this one runs a little too close to home.

A case that is ongoing, a new team to join, and a man who just won’t give up on me.


First they tried to kill me, multiple times.


Mysteries simmering with intrigue, suspense & romance. 


Will Sgt. Adam Davis find a bishop’s killer before his beautiful witness becomes the next victim? 

An idealistic young tulip farmer is found dead among his tulips. Crows loudly proclaim, murder, but who did it? And why?

In this suspenseful mystery, a widow seeking to outrun her past encounters murder and mistrust in a small Michigan arts colony.

Mysterious deaths are piling up in the woods, and Lindy must go undercover on a dude ranch to find a serial killer.

Don't lose yourself, who you are, to the monsters you hunt.

Arson. A dangerous drug. Or a bullet. How did a veteran struggling with PTSD die at Fire Lake?