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Can the awesome power of God heal Taylor and Trevor's wounded souls and open them up to the love and plan He has for their lives? #WomensFiction

From a silver spoon to a cocktail shaker, a city girl loses it all and finds salvation behind a bar in a small New England town.

If you've ever lived in the shadow of a larger than life best friend, then this one's for you....

When everything you ever believed, is not who your are.

Join Anna on her journey of love, loss, and learning that crosses an ocean before returning home.

Can two young lovers from dysfunctional homes make it on their own?

How do you go on after the worst day in your life?

A drawing in her departed father's coat sends Tamsin to Rockport on a mission to find the artist. The journey challenges her definition of family.

Winning the lottery can buy a lot, but not everything.

Everything can change in the blink of an eye.

Seven stories of hope and restoration.

She is perfect. She is beautiful. She has a secret.

Some secrets are more dangerous than others...

Joel Benjamin is coming out and he wants the world to know, he's got to let it show.

A secret, a romance, a bit of OCD, some hoarding and...a hurricane is coming!

Starting over is easy, until family gets in the way.

She won't listen to reason, her nurse is on her side. Her son thinks that frail old women aren't supposed to be independent.