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Book Submissions

Book Submission Process

Indie Connect is currently open to submissions.

Indie Connect is committed to showcasing the best of what the indie writing world has to offer. In order to ensure this standard of quality, all book submissions must meet the following criteria:


  1. Be self published or published by a small independent press.

  2. Be available on Amazon with "Look Inside" feature.

  3. MUST follow the administrator on Twitter @connect_indie for direct communication purposes.

  4. Contain proper book formatting.

  5. No Erotica please or sexually explicit content. Please DM the Administrator for clarification.

  6. Children's books will be redirected to evegarner@authorevegarner.ca (via Twitter @Eve_Garner_who has created a site exclusively for Children's promos.

  7. Upon acceptance, a one time membership of $5.00 is required for placement on the site. Payments can be made throught PayPal on the Contribute page.

Submissions are reviewed by an anonymous team. Please be advised that not all books will be selected.

This in no way implies an overall reflection of the writing, but rather an error free, polished product to improve the reputation of indie books to the non indie reading population. 

Submit your book link to:


Authors will be notified of their selection via email or DM on twitter.

*Due to high volume, Indie Connect cannot respond individually to those who have not been selected. Reviews are generally complete within a week.

Important Notice

Indie Connect reserves the right to decline any material it deems offensive, explicit, illegal, inappropriate or violent in nature towards any particular group or gender, and to remove books at its sole discretion.